Coming Soon: the Game of Thrones Book Club

game-of-thrones-bannerOn my old blog, as some of you know, I posted back-and-forth commentaries on each episode of Game of Thrones with my good friend Nikki Stafford; she had originally proposed the idea to me because she knew I was a longtime reader of the novels, whereas she was not. And with each season, the question was: would she be able to resist picking them up?

She held out a whole lot longer than I could have, but at last gave in—somewhere halfway through season three, she decided that there was nothing else for it but to read the books. At which point we decided that it would be fun to retrace territory we’ve covered in the television show, but with the books.

So we’re starting the Game of Thrones Book Club. Our first post will go up in a week and a half, and I’m announcing this now in case anyone is interested in following along with us. I’ve broken A Game of Thrones down into five chunks, about which we will do weekly posts. As with the series, we’ll each post to our own blogs. Nikki has the trade paperback and I have the mass market, which have different pagination:

November 11:
Part One: 1-159 mass market; 1-133 trade paperback
November 18:
Part Two: 160-323 mass market; 134-271 trade paperback (starting with BRAN “It seemed as though he’d been falling for years”)
November 25:
Part Three: 324-488 mass market; 272-408 trade paperback (starting with TYRION “As he stood in the predawn chill…”)
December 2:
Part Four: 489-651 mass market; 409-543 trade paperback (starting with DAENERYS “The heart was steaming in the cool…”)
December 9:
Part Five: 652-end mass market; 544-end trade paperback (starting with JON “Are you well, Snow?”)

Join us as Nikki reads George R.R. Martin for the first time, and join the conversation!

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